How to find the top 10 mortgage companies.

A search for the top 10 mortgage companies is likely to give you different results depending on what kind of mortgage you are looking for.

For example, if you look at online mortgage comparison sites, you are likely to get different suggestions of mortgage lenders if you are searching for a standard residential mortgage or a buy-to-let mortgage.

The important thing when comparing mortgage companies is to find products that are suitable for your needs.

Banks and building societies.

Mortgages are offered in the main by building societies and banks, many of which are competing in the same area of the market.

Larger banks and building societies may feature in the top 10 mortgage companies for standard mortgage deals due to the scale of the organisation and the ability to get funds at a competitive rate.

Some lenders focus on particular areas of the market such as buy-to-let, whereas some of the smaller building societies may offer more specialist mortgages such as loans for self-build homes.

Building societies in particular may be more likely to offer a diverse range of mortgage deals because they are not bound by the necessity to make profit for shareholders.

Where to get the best mortgage deal.

Competitive mortgages can be offered in the form of different products at different interest rates. Generally the top 10 mortgage companies offering the best deals depends on the level of deposit you have, or the amount of equity in your home if you are remortgaging.

Some lenders may offer their best deals for new customers, wheres others may have their best mortgage deals aimed at the remortgage market.

Lenders can also offer incentives such as cash back which could be a useful for first time buyers who need all their spare cash for a deposit.